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Ispirazione Millennio Spicy

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Step into the modern

  • Coffee roastiness

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  • Coffee acidity

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Coffee intensity: 8 out of 13

Join the wave and taste the fruitier notes of the new millennium Lighter and shorter roasted Brazilian and Colombian Arabicas join coffees from the Indian subcontinent to create a fresh, modern taste.

Would you like to combine flavors and aromas well? Capsule coffee Inspirazione Millennio by Nespresso is a unique mixture of perfect beans of Arabica with other beans from the Indian subcontinent. In effect you obtain coffee perfect for milk-based coffee drinks. A lavish and creamy espresso with a rich and velvety body with touches of fruits and subtle acidity always retains aromas and assures durable flavor.



Choosing capsule coffee Ispirazione Millennio is a guarantee of purchasing a top-quality product which results from the origins of the mixture. Thanks to well-selected beans, we have created a unique drink which combines lighter and shorter roasted Brazilian and Colombian beans of Arabica with coffees from the Indian subcontinent. Such combination leads to fresh and modern flavor you have never experienced before.
Ispirazione Millennio is roasted using the split roast technique. The Indian beans are roasted separately, dark and short, while the other origins are roasted together on a slightly lower temperature - to preserve some of the fruitiness - but also for short time.
Capsule coffee Ispirazione Millennio is a pleasurably intensive drink with a solid body. It offers clear spicy notes and fruity touches. Thanks to its durable aftertaste and pleasant subtle acidity, it is a perfect coffee for everyday drinking and special occasions.
10 original capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system.

Ingredients & allergens.
Roast and ground coffee.
Net Weight (for 10 capsules).
56 g

Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Made in Switzerland