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Barista Scuro
Barista Scuro

Barista Scuro

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Looking for the perfect balance of coffee and milk? Savor this coffee’s aromatic character through the sweetness of milk or milk froth with BARISTA CREATIONS Scuro. We carefully studied different aspects of the interaction between coffee and milk in order to create this blend, taking our inspiration from Melbourne baristas. They’re the masters of robust, but exquisitely balanced tastes – their roasting and blending lend an aromatic power poised as the yin to the yang of milk. We orchestrated this ideal marriage by giving a meticulous split roast to selected Colombian and Ethiopian Arabicas. Scuro has the optimum intensity for pushing that roast coffee aroma through without overpowering the sweetness of the milk. Best served as a Cappuccino (25 ml of coffee with 60 ml of frothed milk), but it’s also great in a larger Latte Macchiato recipe.


  • Coffee bitterness: 3
  • Coffee body: 3
  • Coffee intensity: 8
  • Coffee roastiness: 2