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Nespresso Discovery Box 250  (New)

Nespresso Discovery Box 250 (New)

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Embark on a journey of coffee taste discovery and let yourself enjoy a wide range of taste profiles coming from Intense, Flowery-Fruity or Flavoured coffee families. Select your favourite coffee, savour its appearance, inhale its aroma, and delight in its flavour. We welcome you to the authentic Nespresso coffee experience. Intensity: the intensity (1-12) of our coffees is defined by a coffee’s degree of roastiness, its body and its bitterness. This assortment contains (in sleeves): 1x Ristretto (10) 1x Arpeggio (9) 1x Volluto (4) 1x Kazaar (12) 1x Dharkan (11) 1x Arpeggio Decaffeinato (9) 1x Ristretto Decaffeinato (10) 1x Roma (8) 1x Livanto (6) 1x Capriccio (5) 1x Volluto Decaffeinato (4) 1x Cosi (4) 1x India (10) 1x Indonesia (8) 1x Colombia (6) 1x Nicaragua (5) 1x Ethiopia (3) 1x Fortissio Lungo (8) 1x Vivalto Lungo (4) 1x Envivo Lungo (9) 1x Vivalto Decaffeinato (4) 1x Linizio Lungo (4) 1x Vanilio (6) 1x Ciocattino (6) 1x Caramelito (6) One sleeve contains 10 capsules. *Picture of coffee pack is for illustration purpose only.


  • Size of the Cup: Espresso (40 ml / 1.35 fl oz)
  • Size of the Cup: Ristretto (25 ml/0.85 fl oz)
  • Size of the Cup: Lungo (110 ml/ 3.75 fl oz)
  • Size of the Cup: Americano (150 ml / 5.07 fl oz)