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Questions and answers

How long is the Nespresso Warranty in the Estonia?

Nespresso honors a 2 year warranty for machines purchased in Estonia.

If your machine is purchased and is registered abroad, you may or may not be charged for the technical services. This will depend on your current warranty status, machine model, and condition of the repair.

To learn more about your machine’s warranty, please contact our Coffee Specialist in English on workdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by phone +372 68 80650.

What is a Descaling Kit and how often should I descale my machine?

In order to keep your Nespresso machine in best condition, you are advised to descale your machine after every 400 to 600 capsules, or at least once a year. This step ensures the optimal temperature and quality of your Espresso.


Your Nespresso machine’s serial number consists of 19 alphanumeric characters located in one of the following areas on the machine: 

  • On the drip tray, printed on a removable sticker
  • At the base of the machine, printed on a removable sticker
  • On the original box of the machine when it was delivered

If you have trouble finding your machine’s serial number, please call our Coffee Specialists on work days. Please note that his number is only for Europe: +372 68 80650. Otherwise, please find your country support here:


The use of non-Nespresso capsules on Nespresso machines does not void the warranty; however, there may be defects and dysfunctions resulting from the use of these products which, if proven, are not covered by the guarantee. 

Nespresso capsules and machines were designed to work together as a single system to deliver the perfect cup of coffee time after time. Remember, only 1-2% of the world coffee crop meets our strict quality and aroma profile requirements.

2 years warranty on purchasing a nespresso coffee machine

A 2 years warranty on purchasing Nespresso coffee machine (calculating from the date of purchase).

Offer is valid if the customer meets the following conditions:

  • Upon purchasing NESPRESSO coffee machine, the customer must sign up in the NESPRESSO e-shop and register the purchase under “My coffee machines”.
  • The customer must provide correct personal data and the following information about the acquired NESPRESSO coffee machine: model and colour, serial number, date and mode of purchase. Information provided during the registration process is confidential and it is stored and handled in accordance with the NESPRESSO Privacy Policy.

This website displays confirmation screens at different purchase and machine registration stages, which will stop the process if the data entered is incorrect.

Warranty repair is free. During repair period replacement coffee machine is provided for Nespresso club members.

Nespresso coffee specialists are available to consult you on this and other questions by phone +370 525 05 090, +371 688 060 80, +372 6880650 or by e-mail,


The company reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the terms and conditions of its offers.

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