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4-year warranty for coffee machines

Now a 4-year warranty when purchasing a coffee machine in the e-shop and Nespresso trade point in plc Panorama  (A 2-year warranty is provided for Nespresso coffee machines purchased in partner stores.)

A 4-year warranty offer is valid if the customer meets the following conditions:

• Purchases and registers a coffee machine in the e-shop

 The offer is valid for NESPRESSO coffee machines purchased in the e-shops,,
 Upon purchasing one of the above NESPRESSO coffee machines, the customer must sign up in the NESPRESSO e-shop and register the purchase under “My coffee machines”.
  The customer must provide correct personal data and the following information about the acquired NESPRESSO coffee machine: model and colour, serial number, date and mode of purchase. Information provided during the registration process is confidential and it is stored and handled in accordance with the NESPRESSO Privacy Policy.
This website displays confirmation screens at different purchase and machine registration stages, which will stop the process if the data entered is incorrect.
The company reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the terms and conditions of its offers.



Object – summed up discount applied to the bill when shopping at Nespresso online shop.

Organizer – UAB Mineraliniai vandenys, 16F Jasinskio str., Vilnius.

The offer is valid from 7st   November untill 31st December, 2018

The discount offer is valid till  20. January 2019

Value of the offer depends on the purchased model of Nespresso coffee machine:

Expert – 65 EUR;

Expert & Milk – 65 EUR;

Lattissima touch – 65 EUR;

Lattissima One – 65 EUR;

Citiz – 40 EUR;

Citiz & Milk – 40 EUR;

Essenza mini – 30 EUR;

Essenza Triangle– 30 EUR;

Inissia – 20 EUR;



  The offer is valid upon purchase of NESPRESSO coffee machines at e-shop,,   and  ELEKTROMARKT, AVITELA, TECHNORAMA, TOPO CENTRAS, SENUKAI, KAVOS DRAUGAS, NESPRESSO.EE stores in  Lithuania, EURONICS and KAFIJAS DRAUGAS stores in Latvia, EURONICS and KOHVISEMU stores in  Estonia.

The offer is valid for the following models of Nespresso coffee machines: EXPERT, EXPERT&MILK, LATTISSIMA ONE,  LATTISSIMA TOUCH, CITIZ, CITIZ & MILK, INISSIA, ESSENZA MINI, ESSENZA MINI TRAINGLE.

                      By purchasing one of the above-mentioned NESPRESSO coffee machines, the buyer must register at the NESPRESSO online shop,, and register his coffee machine in the “My coffee machines” section.

                      If the machine was purchased at the designated partner stores, by registering at,,  the buyer must provide accurate data about himself and the purchased NESPRESSO coffee machine:  its model, serial number, purchase date, purchase point, coffee machine receipt number and a receipt photo. The information provided at the time of registration is confidential and is stored and managed in accordance with the NESPRESSO privacy policy.

                      If the coffee machine has been purchased at the NESPRESSO online shop, the buyer must fill in the required data in the “My coffee machines” section in his user account.

    After completing the registration on the NESPRESSO website and providing the information mentioned above, the integrity and reliability of data will be assessed. If the data meets the requirements, the information about the activation of the offer will be sent to the buyer.

The offer may be used during any purchase starting from the date of its activation. It will be displayed during your shopping after you have completed the shopping cart and clicked on the “Go to payment” link at the bottom of the shopping cart. The proposal will be displayed on the right side of the window. The buyer must click on the plus sign to use the offer, by moving it to the basket and activating it. If the buyer decides not to use the offer, he can remove it from the basket by clicking on the X sign. The offer remains visible until the buyer decides to use it.

The offer can only be used if after the discount is summed up, the basket value is equal to or more than 1 EUR. If the price of the purchase is less than  1 EUR, the purchase will not be possible.

The offer is valid only for a final sum of the shopping cart including delivery fees.

The offer is valid for one registered coffee machine and for one purchase only. If the machine was purchased before the offer was presented, it will not be activated.

Once the buyer has used the offer, the other offer may be activated only if he has purchased another coffee machine and registered it on his NESPRESSO account. Which means the buyer must submit a model of coffee machine, its serial number provided at the bottom of the purchased coffee machine, a receipt number and a photo of the receipt, the date and place of purchase.

The offer is not exchangeable into money.

Promotion is not valid for coffee machines sets.

For more information, check out the Nespresso online shop at,,

On this and other issues, NESPRESSO coffee specialists provide consulting by telephone +372 688 0650 and by e-mail, by filling out and submitting an email form in the online store.

Ltd Mineraliniai vandenys reserves the right to change the terms of the offer.