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NESPRESSO initiative Made with Care: what story is Your coffee telling?

Every cup of coffee has a long story to tell which starts on remote coffee plantations, where it is caressed by the hands of coffee growers. Further the storyline is developed by coffee experts, and when it reaches you and your cup of coffee, you continue its story.

The story of every coffee spreads around the world evoking a kind of “wave” of emotions, reactions and inspirations. The message this wave carries, depends on the onset of the story.

An actor and a NESPRESSO brand ambassador for many years, the charming George Clooney, and his NESPRESSO coffee fellows – famous actors, creative fashion designers, influential entrepreneurs, chefs, renowned poets, skilful and hard-working agronomists, sustainable lifestyle activists – are confident that coffee can spread the good and make a positive difference.

For the coffee to initiate a change, every cup and every pod of coffee has to convey a code of care. The code of caring for small coffee farmers and well-being of their families, for sustainable products, for activity resulting in zero CO2 emissions, and for each other because we are all interrelated. Not only for the reason that we love coffee.

What does care mean to you?

By choosing NESPRESSO coffee, you contribute to taking care of nature which helps grow coffee, of people who “create” and pass on their experience, also of preservation of the endangered coffee species so that good coffee can be enjoyed not only by us but by the coming generations as well. In this way, we take care of each other.


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